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“When I first went to see Vicki I was concerned about my cholesterol, which was raised (over 7.0 mmol/L). I was overweight, felt tired and lethargic most of the time and suffered from chronic allergies, eczema and headaches. I was impressed by Vicki’s sensible, down to earth approach to health and dietary issues. She helped to dispel myths about cholesterol and her thorough initial assessment was both reassuring and illuminating. I realised that, although I thought I was eating healthily, my diet was not balanced. She taught me a few principles to help me to control sugar cravings and recommended The Nutritional Cleanse liver detoxification program. Two months and three visits later, my cholesterol is down to 5.00 mmol/L, I have lost 5 kg and am eating healthily and exercising regularly. I feel like a different person! Thank you Vicki!”

S Shar, age 49.

“I injured my lower back many years ago and since then it had always ached and caused muscle pain. Over the years I’ve seen many doctors and therapists but with little to no success. The pain became worse but I had started to get used to feeling sluggish and lethargic putting it down to the same old injury. Eventually my joints became effected and I could not straighten up without pain for the first two hours every morning. I was finally diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and offered steroids. At this point I contacted Vicki at Nutritional Therapy Works to see if my diet was part of the problem.

The number of therapists I have seen over the years is a running joke amongst my friends but not one of them came even close to offering the service Vicki did. The level of research and in depth analysis into my background that Vicki conducted was astonishing. I received a program that was thorough but also easy to follow. A change in diet and nutritional supplements began and after a couple of weeks the pain started to ease and my energy levels rose. An ear infection that had remained for the best part of 5 years cleared up while the constant headaches and occasional but debilitating migraines I had suffered stopped. Stomach cramps and that bloated feeling disappeared. I felt wonderful and a renewed vigour for life, family and business returned.

I won’t say it was easy to avoid the junk food, particularly as the pain disappeared (when I started to think I could treat myself again). If I slipped Vicki was there with the right advice to quickly bring me back on track and I cannot thank her enough for that. Coming out of ‘the brain fog’ that many of us find ourselves in without even realising it has been a life changing experience. I have no hesitation in recommending anyone to contact Vicki and start learning something we should all be taught from birth….how to feed ourselves correctly.”

Iain Walters, age 45, Founder of The Swim Zone.

“I had seen a couple of Vicki’s posts on a friend’s Facebook page and thought they sounded really interesting. At the time, I was very overweight (something with which I have struggled all my life) but, more worryingly, feeling generally unwell a lot of the time. In October 2013, having just given up an extremely full on job and having read about Metabolic Balance, I decided to contact Vicki. We had a chat on the phone and she was direct and upfront about the programme, explaining it was not for everyone and was pretty ‘hardcore’, but I decided that it sounded like just the thing I needed.

On first meeting Vicki, I liked her instantly. She was warm, professional and caring and certainly knew her stuff. This has been borne out to me time and time again. Metabolic Balance is amazing; hard at times, but I felt so much better in so many ways and I lost over two stone between November and March. Since then, I have done several other nutrition programmes with Vicki, including The Nutrition Cleanse (twice) and a 30 day weight loss programme. I have enjoyed all of these and learned so much about the science of food and how very important it is to understand so that we can really appreciate what influence different foods actually have on our bodies.

I would recommend Vicki wholeheartedly to anyone who is even remotely thinking about how they can improve their nutrition to enhance their overall health and well being. I love the name of her practice; it makes perfect sense. Thank you Vicki.”

Judy Knox, age 53.

“I first went to see Vicki in September 2013. I had been suffering from migraines for a number of years. The GP had prescribed strong painkillers but I was beginning to feel that I was popping pills all too regularly and that there might be a more natural solution available. As a starting point, Vicki recommended The Nutrition Cleanse detox. I thought I would find it impossible to stick to and at first glance the list of restricted foods seemed extensive. I couldn’t have been more wrong. I thoroughly enjoyed the cleanse. It felt as if I was treating myself to fresh and vibrant food instead of grabbing convenient rubbish. The benefits I felt were enormous – very high energy levels, fabulous sense of well being, great skin and best of all no migraines. I have since done The Nutrition Cleanse again and I intend to do it once a trimester going forward. Vicki offered great support and advice during the course of the detox and has continued to be very responsive to my regular ongoing questions, she always has great little tips to pass on.

Lowri Story, age 42.

“I came to see Vicki Lee as someone who had been tolerably fit for all his adult life but was starting to feel the effects of a demanding and often sedentary work life, coupled with a sugary diet, the result being a general loss of spark and also tiredness (in particular in the afternoon). I found Vicki excellent in terms of identifying just how much sugar I was eating, explaining how this (and caffeine) impacted on my energy levels, and how to address the issues. It is of course one thing to be prescribed a low sugar diet, and another to follow it – but I found that what Vicki was saying/recommending in terms of diet made such sense that I have followed it with not too much difficulty. And the result is that I no longer have energy dips and feel much better all round, which strikes me as a pretty good result.”

Samuel Wordsworth, Barrister.

“I had a consultation with Vicki a year and a half ago as I was concerned about my constant weight gain issues and the yo-yo dieting that I had become used to. I had also noticed how bread and pasta always made me feel bloated even with a small portion. She suggested to me that I might have an intolerance to certain food ingredients and explained how some foods are more difficult than others for many bodies to digest and those who are intolerant to such foods can suffer a number of health problems, including weight gain and difficulty in losing weight.

The next day I started following Vicki’s advice and found the change was dramatic, I felt better immediately. However the most incredible change was after 6 weeks when my weight had dropped by over a stone and now, 18 months later, having continued to follow her advice, my weight is still at its lowest.

One of the reasons I followed Vicki’s recommendations is that her advice was based on solid scientific facts and it never came across as ‘preachy’.
I’m now a much healthier, happier and lighter person, but boy do I miss those croissants!”

Matt Clark, Partner – Mother Holdings Limited.

“My daughter, Emily (now aged 8), had eczema since she was a few months old. I consulted many doctors and tried many types of creams and topical treatments but nothing worked for more than a couple weeks and the eczema always returned. About nine months ago I took her to see Vicki and after 3 consultations I can say that she has been eczema free for 6 months now. I never considered that her diet had anything to do with her skin, but clearly it did. Vicki was great with my daughter, listening to her, making her feel comfortable and including her in the discussions. Emily says, “I like being eczema free because I don’t have to itch every five minutes! Thank you!!”

S. Michell, mother of Emily, age 8.

“Having put on around 2 stone since turning 40, I realised action was needed and so I sought advice from Vicki Lee. Vicki recommended the Metabolic Balance programme and I can honestly say that Metabolic Balance has changed both my life and my eating habits. I feel great and have more energy plus I am constantly complimented on how well I look and how great my skin is. I can’t say that it has all been easy, but Vicki has been there to guide me through the rough patches. Over the last 5 weeks I have lost just over a stone and have gone down two dress sizes. There is no greater feeling than walking out of a changing room and having to ask for a size smaller, TWICE! I am continuing with Metabolic Balance and feel that this is the way I will eat for the rest of my life. Thank you Vicki.”

Sarah Case, age 46.

“I engaged the services of Vicki Lee prior to competing in the 114km Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc 2012, to complement my training plan with a comprehensive nutritional plan. I asked Vicki to address my nutrition in the weeks running up to the race, assess my carb-loading strategy, assist me with weight gain and provide me with an eating plan for the race. Vicki’s input delivered exceptional results. Vicki and I worked very closely on every aspect of the nutritional plan. She provided excellent advice and guidance with enough flexibility to allow me to incorporate and manage my own dietary requirements. The nutritional plan incorporated muscle development, a nutrient timing plan, supplement plan and a new carb-loading plan, prior to my longer training runs leading up to the event, to increase my daily carbs but condense my carb-loading periods. A regular daily eating plan and a three-day regular eating example plan enabled me to replace some of the (much needed) weight I had lost in training over the preceding months. Vicki also provided excellent advice and planning for race day and recovery. She devised a comprehensive hour by hour eating plan for the event; ranging from a 17 hour nutrition plan (best case scenario) to a 24 hour nutrition plan (worst case scenario). The plans incorporated carbohydrate, protein and fat intake, along with fluid and supplement schedules. Vicki also undertook extensive research on the products I had been training with over a number of years (gels, sports bars, sports drinks, fruit etc.). She provided extensive, up to date, information on these products, information on new products as well as the latest sports nutritional research. All her plans also included food ideas and examples, including recipes for some tasty treats. My post race recovery was excellent. Muscle soreness and post race fatigue was minimal and I felt the best I had post any ultra event in my ultra running career. Vicki’s meticulous research, planning and implementation strategies provided me with my greatest event outcome ever.”

David Wilson, ultra-marathon runner.

“I came to see Vicki as I felt there was more I could do with my diet in terms of feeling good and looking better as despite doing a lot of exercise I still carried weight round my middle, felt bloated after eating and had no energy at the end of the day – symptoms I associated with just being a mother! After one “educational” session with Vicki where she examined my lifestyle and diet in detail she was able to easily assess where the source of the problem may be. Now 4 weeks later with some fairly minor changes to my diet and the way I eat I have much more energy, no longer have the bloating, my BMI has gone down and I have also lost weight………..all in all a great experience and now something I can control, thanks Vicki”

R. Johnson, age 49.

“After years of poor health, feeling lethargic, insomnia, over reliance on painkillers and yo-yo weight gain and loss, I began this year feeling utterly poisoned by my lifestyle and desperate to feel healthy and in control of my eating.  I was also sick of extreme food deprivation as a way of trying to control my weight, as that was getting me nowhere. Being in my mid 40’s I had also come to understand over the years that some foods just didn’t agree with me but I could not come up with a sensible and healthy eating strategy on my own.  That is why I consulted Vicki Lee for a Metabolic Balance program.

Vicki instructed very thorough tests and on the basis of those test results, gave me a tailor made diet plan and a list of suitable foods.  I was surprised at what was and wasn’t on my list as I have always believed I ate relatively healthfully, but the programme is a very personal one and the foods were selected especially for me to help me regain healthy metabolic functioning.  I was very pleasantly surprised that most of my favourite foods were on my list and so the eating plan is very much a sustainable one for me. What set Vicki apart as a consultant is the way that she explained to me the very complicated science behind food, nutrition and metabolism in a way that I could understand and apply. Vicki provided me with constant and regular guidance, recipes, research and advice and really helped me to turn my life around.

There have been so many benefits that I don’t know where to start – my anaemia has improved, eating anti-inflammatory foods has helped me say goodbye to prescription pain killers, I am sleeping 8 hours a night for the first time in decades, my skin looks better and I feel so much more energetic and brighter.  On top of it all, I achieved my weight goal, which was to be the same weight that I was 20’s – I am delighted at all of this!  I now totally get the name of Vicki’s nutritional consultancy: Nutritional Therapy Works – yes, it really does!”

Suzi Taylor, age 45, Financial Consultant.

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